ONE:  Location

Is the park located near both recreation/entertainment AND shopping and services? (TZ is.)

TWO:  Lot size

Could you borrow some sugar from your neighbor by putting your hand out the kitchen window?  You’re going to be living in the park for 3-9 months – make sure you have enough space to call your own. (TZ boasts generous lot sizes)

THREE:  The Rules

Does the park HAVE rules?  If they do, are they reasonable?  Are they enforced?  This is the conversation you want to have with the park owner or managers BEFORE you commit.  (call the TZ – our rules are reasonable and enforced.)

FOUR:  Price

Inexpensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best deal – and if the price is high it doesn’t necessarily mean park standards are high as well.  (TZ is priced fairly)


We are living in what has become to be called “The Great Recession”.  For many mid-life professionals and managers the sad fact of being laid off, “over/underqualified” and therefore unemployable has caused them to lose their homes.

And many of these people are turning to a full-time RV lifestyle.  We are not talking what some might refer to as “Trailer Trash”.  We speak of those who have enjoyed traveling and vacationing in their RVs who now find themselves looking to their RV as their primary residence.

These folks own nice rigs and are good people.  One of their major challenges is finding an affordable park that is well- managed, clean, ENFORCES park rules, doesn’t “pack you in like sardines”, doesn’t have gangs of unsupervised kids creating mischief and worse, a place where putting some plants out front to give you a sense of home is fine…

Welcome to the Temperate Zone – this is exactly what we have to offer you.  Not an “RV Park” but a community in which to live.

Those of us looking to escape winter extremes – yet don’t want to spend six months baking in the Florida sun (not to mention monthly rates that can be almost 10 times those you’ll find here) will find Southwestern New Mexico a perfect choice for their stay (especially at the TZ!)  Our winters are moderate – with plenty of sunshine – but without kissing the beauty of cool winter nights completely away.

Deming winters are wonderful in that our winter days are known for being clear and sunny – with normal day temperatures at least in the 50’s.  Absolutely great weather to be out and about exploring the Land of Enchantment.

The Temperate Zone is an especially good location to choose for your winter stay.  We are outside of town – meaning you get a true high desert experience.  Located on a high plateau (4,300 feet) you have 360 degree BIG sky mountain views.  Sunrise and sunsets that are truly glorious.  One of our campers was delighted to find on one of her morning jogs that she was able to watch the sun rise and the full moon set – simultaneously.

But we are also close to town – with both Deming and Silver City close by.  Shopping, dining, and entertainment are just a hop, skip, and a jump away – as are grocery and other retail stores as well as service centers (i.e. auto, health).

Snow birds who choose to stay with us at the TZ truly have the best of both worlds – escape the bitter cold without having to kiss winter completely good-bye, the chance to live in the serenity of the high desert, yet close to modern and entertaining amenities.

Just to add a bit of credibility to what we’re telling you – here is a link to a blog I found on the Internet of Snow Bird’s who come not only to New Mexico, but to Deming!  http://befruitfulkreations.com/adventures/fall07.htm

Stay with us at the TZ when you attend:

Join the community of Silver City as they celebrate the Christmas Season and look forward to the New Year on Dec 28 at

7 pm in historic downtown Silver City, New Mexico.

Stay with us at the TZ when you attend:

Well known from a long run on NPR’s “A Prairie Home Companion” the Butch Thompson Trio is known around the world for their exuberant brand of classical jazz along with ragtime.  Acclaimed by both critics and the public, this is an evening you are sure to enjoy.  575-538-5862

Stay with us at the TZ when you attend:

Pinos Altos Annual October Fiesta

Fine food, Live Music, Crafters, Raffles and fun activities for Children.  Pinos Altos Main Street   575-534-0406

Stay with us at the TZ when you attend:

The Grant County Fair is on the county fairgrounds in Cliff, set in the rugged beauty of the Gila River Valley. Arts, crafts and food exhibits are in the Cliff High School, next door to the fairgrounds from Sept 26 through Oct 3.

Cliff is an enjoyable half-hour from Silver City on New Mexico Highway 180.

Fair admission is $3 a day.

The annual Cliff-Gila County Fair is a celebration of Grant County’s agricultural heritage and future, with outstanding animal and craft exhibits from schools and civic groups across the County.

Set in the Cliff High School and adjoining fairgrounds, the fair can be a great afternoon or a fun-filled weekend!

In addition to a midway full of rides and exhibits, the fair showcases the agricultural efforts of Grant County’s next generation of ranchers and farmers. A year or more of hard work and husbandry goes into the animals shown at the fair, and exhibitors are happy to discuss their steers, pigs, sheep and other animals with you.

The end of the fair includes an auction and animal sale; newcomers to the Fair are invited to speak with show organizers during the show to see how the purchase of one of these outstanding animals can help sustain the future of agriculture in Grant County.
For more information contact Grant County Extension Service at 575-388-1559.