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ONE:  Location

Is the park located near both recreation/entertainment AND shopping and services? (TZ is.)

TWO:  Lot size

Could you borrow some sugar from your neighbor by putting your hand out the kitchen window?  You’re going to be living in the park for 3-9 months – make sure you have enough space to call your own. (TZ boasts generous lot sizes)

THREE:  The Rules

Does the park HAVE rules?  If they do, are they reasonable?  Are they enforced?  This is the conversation you want to have with the park owner or managers BEFORE you commit.  (call the TZ – our rules are reasonable and enforced.)

FOUR:  Price

Inexpensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best deal – and if the price is high it doesn’t necessarily mean park standards are high as well.  (TZ is priced fairly)


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